Our Commitment

Arrow on Spencer’s Commitment to COVID-19 Cleanliness, Health and Safety Program

Arrow on Spencer has long been known for adhering to its “Six C’s”: Choice, Comfort, Convenience, Cleanliness, Competitive pricing and Considerate staff. During the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we remain as committed as ever to our Six C’s, but we have added a seventh “C”: COVID Care.  



COVID Care at Arrow on Spencer involves supplementing our already rigorous cleaning, health and safety protocols with State and Federal Government recommendations and requirements for physical distancing, wearing of face masks, good hygiene, proper record-keeping, restricted interactions in enclosed spaces, workforce bubbles, food handling, sanitation, disinfection and cleaning. We also comply with World Health Organisation protocols and guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus.

In fact, we go “above and beyond” the recommended guidelines to ensure that official expectations are not just met, but exceeded. The safety of our guests and staff is paramount so we strictly follow our detailed “COVIDSafe Plan” each and every day; in all guest rooms, public spaces and back-of-house operations.

Arrow on Spencer is ready to welcome you next time you travel to Melbourne!